Let’s put an end the cycle of Homelessness!

ANEW LIVING a non-profit organization

One of our newest residents who came to ANEW in October has successfully moved into permanent housing as of January 2, 2017! LB was a single woman on disability. She had been applying through several agencies for subsidized housing but in the meantime was faced with homelessness while she waited for something to come available. Thanks to everyone who supports ANEW Living. It is through the support of our community that we can continue our mission to provide short-term transitional housing solutions for those in need.Type your paragraph here.

Morgan, wife and 10 year old daughter fell on hard times several months ago and lost their housing. With no short term/shelter housing options available for families with a dad in Flagstaff they were forced to stay in a local motel paying over $1100 a month in rent. In September they heard about ANEW Living and applied for our transitional housing program. They were accepted into our program and we moved them in in October. With the lower monthly rents they immediately started saving money for future move out expenses and with a more stable living environment Morgan’s wife was able to focus on searching for a better paying job using our “empowerment” center’s computers and internet access. Their efforts paid off and just this past week Morgan’s wife was hire for an office position in Mesa AZ with a start date of July 1st. They have saved enough money to secure an apartment in Mesa so the entire family will be moving out and “up” on July 9th.v


We are so very proud and excited to have another couple move up and out from ANEW Living into permanent housing. 
 In addition to that great news we have two(2) single residents who have saved enough during their time here at ANEW to move out and into permanent housing. They are just waiting to find the right place. 
Four (4) of our residents who came to live at ANEW struggling to pay their program fees on a weekly installments - Now three (3) have been able to start paying on a semi monthly basis and the other one (1) can now pay monthly. 
This has been one of the first hurdles our residents are faced with overcoming in their pursuit to take control of their finances and prepare themselves for paying a monthly rental payment. 
Lastly but definitely not least (actually it should be 1st) most of our clients for the first time in their adult lives are using a budget, (a little Dave Ramsey here: telling their money where to go), and as a result have opened a savings account for the first time ever.

KC and her husband had been in our program for 15 months.  KC worked at a local fast food restaurant and her husband was a laborer.  ANEW Living provided a safe clean affordable living environment allowing them to focus on saving money and improving their job skills. 3 months ago KC was promoted to manager.  Staying at ANEW Living afforded them the opportunity to focus on saving enough money for move out and up cost and on 9/24/16 they celebrated moving into their own house!


"ANEW: in a new or different, typically more positive way”.

ANEW Living offers a unique approach to meeting the housing needs our our community by converting older distressed motels into affordable housing alternatives.  The rooms and small apartments available at ANEW Living are offered as a step up from the traditional transitional housing facilities while continuing to provide on-site services geared towards renewing and restoring hope to individuals and families seeking to end their cycle of homelessness and build pathways to a healthy productive lifestyle promoting self-sufficiency.


Over 42% of the homeless population in Arizona is homeless for the first time due to job loss, foreclosure or eviction. They need job training, employment and rental assistance to stabilize until the economic picture improves.


ANEW Living offers on-site life skills classes and meetings designed to enhance a person’s basic life & coping skills.  Classes/meetings will include: financial literacy, job interview skills, interpersonal skills, coping from loss or trauma, social activities, healthy lifestyles, cooking on a budget, computer skills, etc.


ANEW Living provides safe, clean, affordable housing alternatives offering pathways to a healthy productive lifestyle promoting self-sufficiency. 

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