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Most of the time when we talk about homelessness, big cities come to mind. But about seven percent of homeless people live in rural areas, where access to help is much harder to come by. Flagstaff, Ariz. is one of those places. While city officials work to find solutions, one woman has taken an old motel and turned it into transitional housing. READ MORE

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Playing now on this homepage.  Watch a wonderful 7 min documentary on the plight of the working poor and how ANEW Living is working to end the cycle of homelessness one family at a time.  

​​ANEW Living: An Old Flagstaff Motel get a new live as an affordable rental housing. Daily Sun (Mar 22, 2015 Larry Hendricks) 

A child’s hand-drawn pictures adorn the walls. The television plays cartoons and Duchess, a bearded dragon lizard, rests in an aquarium next to a humming refrigerator. Jax, the family dog, sits on a bed..Click here to read the rest of the story

Route 66 News: The saint of ANEW Living

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ANEW Healthy Living Initiative
As part of our growing service to our ANEW Living residents, we are excited to announce the addition of a Healthy Living component to ANEW Living’s Program Services! We already assist our residents with getting healthy financially – now it is time to help with physical health. 
What is ANEW Living’s Healthy Living Initiative? This new program will be part of our Life Skills classes. Our cooking classes will focus on nutrition and healthier cooking/eating choices. Topics will include healthy cooking on a budget with limited resources. Many of our residents rely on cooking with a microwave, a hot plate, or a crockpot. Each class will feature a different menu and program participants will leave with the ingredients needed to make the recipe on their own and a recipe card for that meal. For now, ANEW Living plans to focus on meal preparation using a crockpot.
Recipes Wanted! We are asking our Community and Partners to send us their favorite (and simple!) crock pot recipes to build a library of healthy meals for our residents. Please send us recipes that contain simple ingredients – many of our residents rely on boxes from the local food bank or shop at stores like Dollar Tree. Ingredients should consist of: any type of meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and basic canned soups/broths. Cake mixes are okay too. Email your recipe to Lori@ANEWLiving.org. All recipe contributor’s names will be listed on the recipe card unless you prefer to remain anonymous.
What Type of Recipes are Needed? We need recipes for Main Courses and Desserts. Again, recipes should feature simple and readily available ingredients. The simpler, the better!
I’m Not a Chef – How Else Can I Help? We can always use donations of food for our recipes – most of the ingredients come from the Flagstaff Food Bank but the food we receive varies and we want to supply a complete list of ingredients for each recipe. New or used crockpots are needed too. If you have a crockpot you are not using, we’d love to put it to work! ANEW Living is trying to build an inventory of crockpots our residents can check out and use to cook their dinner. We need crockpots both LARGE (family size) and SMALL (for our single residents).
 Contact Lori@ANEWLiving.org if you are interested in being a part of our ANEW Healthy Living Initiative or have questions. Send a recipe, share a crockpot, sponsor a meal – all contributions are welcome and put to good use!


ANEW LIVING is now part of Flagstaff's "FRONT DOOR" single access entry point to assist our homeless population in obtaining shelter/housing. The Front Door eliminates the need to call every agency in town telling your story/need multiple times.

If you are in need of transitional housing please contact one of the "Front Door" agencies listed below.

All potential applicants into our Program are now required to go to Flagstaff Shelter Services if you are seeking shelter/housing for one person or Catholic Charities if seeking housing/shelter for a family. 

Flagstaff Shelter Services  9AM-4PM 

4185 E Huntington Dr, Flagstaff, AZ 86004


​Catholic Charities   9AM-4PM

2101 N Fourth St, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

(928) 774-9125

ANEW Living no longer accepts applications directly from persons seeking housing. Please contact one of the Front Door agencies for an application.

COMMUNITY SUPPORTERS: The Herzog Family. Paul and Marie Beamer. Laura Arnold. Eric & Pam Peterson. Cyler Groseth,  Raymond Leggett, Gloria Gurrola. Cynthia McCollum. Angela Bowers. Viola Garden. HomCo. Sunshine Rescue Mission. Church for the Nations Flagstaff. 

Queen size sheets
Queen size blankets
3 Slightly used Queen Bed and box springs

Bunk bed or trundle bed set 
Plastic tub for dish washing (for units without a kitchenette must wash dishes in bathtub)
Microwave cookware
Toaster ovens

Single infrared stove burner
small microwaves
Laundry detergent
Tub & tile cleaner
Window cleaner
Open shelving for overhead storage in units
Plastic outdoor patio chairs plain white

*BUILDING guard rails for 3 of the units (3 steps high to front door)
*Installing plumbing for kitchen sink in newly renovated studio unit.
*Painting back wall facing Main Street
*Weed abatement
*Sponsoring snow removing service this winter 


ANEW Living is an Arizona Tax Credit Charity.  We are one of only two transitional housing facilities in Northern Arizona available for two-parent families and single fathers with children. We also provide transitional housing to Veterans, Seniors and individuals seeking to end their cycle of homelessness. 




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ANEW LIVING a non-profit organization

Let’s put an end the cycle of Homelessness!