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Newly dedicated Herzog Empowerment Center provides classes, activities and workshops geared towards empowering our residents with the financial tools necessary to help end their cycle of homelessness. 

We just received 3 Computers with monitors - thank you to CFTN-Flagstaff and Hope Cottage for donating computers and monitors

These computers are already getting a lot of use with school starting.  Below are a few of the residents using our community computers? 

-a 45 yr old woman who just started at Coconino Community College.

-16 yr old high school student who is in her Junior year of high school

-a 25 yr old young man who recently lost his job and is now able to use the community computers to post on Craigslist offering to do work from landscaping and light construction.  Because of having access to the internet he is working almost every day!

- 12 yr old student doing homework

-Mom with 3 kids searching for permanent housing availability. 


Thank you CFTN-Flag and Hope Cottage







COMMUNITY SUPPORTERS: The Herzog Family. Paul and Marie Beamer. Laura Arnold. Eric & Pam Peterson. Cyler Groseth,  Raymond Leggett, Gloria Gurrola. Cynthia McCollum. Angela Bowers. Viola Garden. HomCo. Sunshine Rescue Mission. Church for the Nations Flagstaff. 

The mission of ANEW Living is to end the cycle of homelessness by providing safe, clean, affordable housing alternatives that offer pathways to a healthy and productive lifestyle. 

Our program offers transitional housing solutions for the working poor. Families and individuals who have an a source of income but still struggle to secure permanent housing. We are a sober community.

We are the only transitional housing program in Flagstaff available to families (with a dad). single parents, individuals, and seniors on a fixed income. Family pets are also allowed. 

Our goal is to offer our residents a safe clean affordable housing solution while working closely with them prepare for and secure permanent housing.  Our goal for 2016 is to transition our residents into permanent housing with in six months of entering our program.  

ANEW Living offers on-site classes geared towards self sufficiency. We foster a sense of community by hosting BBQ's and potlucks. We have a community garden that is shared by all who participate in the tending to our garden. We believe in treating every resident with respect and compassion. 

ANEW Living, Inc is a 501c3 qualified tax exempt organization. Please consider donating today. 

Great news!

ANEW Living is now an Arizona Qualified Charitable Organization for State income tax credits.  We will be listed on the State's web site after Aug 5, 2016. 

  Brian & Kris Herzog For your generous commitment of time, inspiration & support of ANEW LIVING  




Building A New Community.  (NPR.ORG) 

Most of the time when we talk about homelessness, big cities come to mind. But about seven percent of homeless people live in rural areas, where access to help is much harder to come by. Flagstaff, Ariz. is one of those places. While city officials work to find solutions, one woman has taken an old motel and turned it into transitional housing. READ MORE

Home on Route 66 Ryan J. Loughlin

Playing now on this homepage.  Watch a wonderful 7 min documentary on the plight of the working poor and how ANEW Living is working to end the cycle of homelessness one family at a time.  

​​ANEW Living: An Old Flagstaff Motel get a new live as an affordable rental housing. Daily Sun (Mar 22, 2015 Larry Hendricks) 

A child’s hand-drawn pictures adorn the walls. The television plays cartoons and Duchess, a bearded dragon lizard, rests in an aquarium next to a humming refrigerator. Jax, the family dog, sits on a bed..Click here to read the rest of the story

Route 66 News: The saint of ANEW Living

WFDD88.5 anew living community   Jan. 30, 2016 



Let’s put an end the cycle of Homelessness!

ANEW LIVING a non-profit organization